Turbo Charing Boilies

Boilies have been a staple in carp angling for decades and we have seen many ways in which they can be used to catch those crafty carp. However, as good as boilies out of the bag are there’s many a way to enhance these ‘carp magnets’ which can be best suited for certain times of the year. This is our top tips on elevating boilies to a new extreme…

Winter – Cream Seed Washed Outs

Winter can be a tough season for angling at the best of times, so to prepare your baits in the best fashion for those colder months can be momentous in changing your catch results. The carp are often grouped up together in the warmest part of the lake not really interested in feeding on anglers’ bait yet they can be tricked into feeding on what seems to be ‘Old Bait’.  Cream Seed has caught some incredible carp all over the globe and has become a firm favourite among many anglers but by following these steps you can revive your fishing and catch results in those colder months.

Take two kilos of Cream Seed Boilies and add them to an empty, clean bucket and fill the kettle up ready for boiling. Once the kettle has boiled add the water to the boilies until they are submerged with about an inch between the surface of the water and the tops of the bait, once this has been achieved seal the bucket with the lid and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. After this time period add about a third of a bottle of Milky Nut Liquid into the bucket followed by a generous dowsing of the Cream Seed Syrup and stir. Allow the boilies to draw in those flavours for 12 to 24 hours prior to use, you will be left with and extremely soft bait that has the aesthetic of looking washed out yet has an enhanced flavouring due to the liquids drawn into the baits as they soaked the water up.


Spring – Enhanced Citrus Nut

Spring is a crucial time for angling purposes, the carp are looking incredible and anglers flood back to the lakes after a bitterly cold few months of winter. The carp are just waking up from their winter slumber and are looking to start to have a feed before spawning. To aid your results against not only the carp but the other anglers at this time of year, you cannot go wrong with enhanced Citrus Nut Boilies.

Take two kilos of the Citrus Nut Boilie and add it to an empty, clean bucket. Glaze the boilies in the Citrus Nut Syrup and shake the bucket giving an even coating to the baits. Add a fair helping of Citrus Nut Liquid Food to give you a thicker coating to the baits, shake to ensure they gain an even coating. The final stage in creating the ideal spring boilies is to lightly dust the boilies in the Citrus Nut Stick Mix. We recommend to add the Stick Mix little by little to prevent putting too much that will sit at the bottom of the bucket which will be wasted. Gain an even crust like texture to your baits creating a new level of attraction to your baits this spring.

Summer – Fishy Summer Mix
Summer, the carp have just spawned and looking for some nutritious munch that will allow them to replenish the vitamins used during spawning. The banks are busier than ever at this point so having a bait that stands out from the rest is vital for good success rates. Here is Munch Bait’s Fishy Summer mix.

Start by adding two kilos of Bio Marine Boilies into an empty, clean bucket. Introduce the Bio Marine Syrup to give the baits a glazed even coating. Follow by adding some of the finest Raw Krill Liquid Food, roughly about a third of the bottle and give the baits a stir. Grab a bag of Bio Marine Stick Mix and lightly dust the boilies. Little by little to give them a crusted coating. The Bio Marine is packed full of vitamins, salt and anti-oxidants perfect for the carp at this time of year.


Autumn – 50/50

Autumn is a time of year the carp are looking for a big feed prior to those slower winter months, it’s a great time to catch the carp as they are at their biggest weights and arguably looking at their best. To maximise bites available the volume of bait often increases this time of year however it is different for every lake so bare that in mind. This next mix not only boosts your angling in Autumn yet prepares you for the long Winter period.

Take two kilos of Bio Marine Boilies and two more kilos of Cream Seed Boilies into an empty, clean bucket, give them a good mix. Now add a third of a bottle of Soluble Hemp Liquid Food and a third of a bottle of Bloodworm Complex Liquid Food to the bucket, give this another good mix and ensure there is an even coating on the baits. Give the baits time to further soak into the core of the baits. By introducing the Cream Seed to your mix in the autumn, when Winter hits the carp are already switch on to the bait ready for the Washed out Winter mix.

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