In modern day carp fishing, rigs have been made more complicated as the years have gone by. As effective as those rigs may be for catching carp, sometimes you just can’t beat simplicity. Take a look at our simple fool proof rigs below…

Blow Back Rig

Originating from the hair rig, a staple in carp fishing history and one that is accountable for thousands of carp captures over the years, the blow back is a superb rig for bottom baits, tiger nut and snowman hook baits. A few simple steps can create a fantastic rig that will catch carp until the end of time. The Blow Back can still be devastating for the trickiest of carp on the hardest of waters. Here are the key components of the rig that make it so effective.

Long Hair- 
By allowing separation between the hook bait and the shank of the hook with the use of a long hair, the bait can be blown out of the carps mouth further when the hook pricks the bottom lip. This little bit of extra movement allows the hook to stay in place when the carp is frantically blowing and trying to eject the rig. This works superbly with light hook baits such as the Jumbos In Cola and there is less weight pulling against the hook when it is being ejected.

Silicone on the Shank- 
The Blow Back rig normally incorporates a small piece of silicone on the shank of the hook, opposite the barb, pinning the hair in place. This has a multitude of uses from keeping the bait positioned perfectly in the flight of the cast, to being a visual indicator of whether or not your rig has been ejected by a carp. This silicone is ideal for all hook baits however  when using a heavier bait such as a snowman presentation it is vital as without the silicone the rig can be very susceptible to tangles.

The Multi Rig


The Multi rig is potentially one of the easiest rigs to be tied consisting of two figure of eight loop knots.  This rig has been used across the country for decades incorporating the deadly ‘Chod’ pattern hook which is perfect for flipping into the bottom of a carps mouth. Here are a couple tips you can add to this phenomenal rig to improve it that little bit more.

Hook Bead – The Multi rigs purpose is that the loop pulls down tight after the carp feels the weight of the lead and shakes his head in fury. However, some people have found that when casting at range, the loop can slip on the impact of hitting the clip. A simple solution to this is to attach a hook bead that will sit under the loop at the hook end. This prevents the loop slipping under the impact of a cast but will tease down to the eye of the hook when a carp is hooked.

Bait Screw – Flossing baits on and off a rig can be tedious and time consuming. Feeding spells can be short so maximising efficiency in these short feeding spells is vital in getting the best results. By using a bait screw on the loop the Pop-Up can be changed in a matter of seconds, whether that’s freshening up or changing the type.


KD Rig

The KD rig is an efficient carp catcher that has never seemed to fail to catch carp where it has been taken. Getting the right hook bait is crucial for this rig as the mechanics of having a light weight eye of the hook and a heavy hook point is all down to the placement and weight of the hook bait.

Light Weight Snowman – Wafters or Pop-Ups alone on a KD rig is incredibly effective and can be deadly when fishing ‘Match the Hatch’, style for ravenous feeding carp. Having said this, when bites may not seem to be coming in large numbers consider creating a little snowman. You may be able to force a bite out of a situation that you might not of necessarily got.

Inline PVA mesh bags – When casting this rig at range, people may suffer from tangles due to the nature of the rig and the placement of the hair. A simple and straight forward way of getting around this issue is to tie a small 50p sized mesh bag of Salmon Micro pellets or crumb Boilies and thread onto the rig. This will ensure the hook point is clear from any debris that it could have been exposed to and more importantly, it traps the hair in place meaning you know you are fishing as effectively as possible every time you cast the rig out there