River carping! where do I start, well for me carping on the rivers is just a totally different scenery to your day ticket lakes and your syndicates, I think its the wild side of the left alone countryside that draws me in and of course the many carp that don’t see many anglers rigs. Being left alone on a river to do your own bit of angling is something I’ve fallen in love with through the years as you don’t get disturbed and hear bite alarms 24/7 and for me that is what angling is about, choosing under fished venues where it’s just you and the fish!

My approach when fishing the rivers is no different to if I was to fish a lake, its all about location! Knowing where the carp are is the biggest edge as it gives ya confidents and confidents catches you carp. As the majority of rivers have a close season some would say that us river anglers miss some of the best months of fishing but Its no all bad using the close season to your advantage by walking and finding them is a great tip! So many lengths on the river looking for the carp is something I would say is a must when trying to catch them.

I get a lot of messages on social media about bait! What I use on the rivers and more importantly do I use a lot. To answer all of that in one, it all depends on the Time of year. Tiger Nuts in Syrup from the particle range have done me a lot of bites on the river in the warmer months as the carps reactions to the nuts is just something I’ve not seen with the bollie and going into the colder months I would switch over to the cream seed as its bait I’ve been using for many years now and have pure confidents in by using it through the winter!

As for baiting up, If I found a big group of carp in the close season I wouldn’t think twice about baiting up to try keep them in that spot, but as far as river carp go they very rarely hold up in one spot so for me baiting up is not something I do much of, more of a stalking and walking approach I think works well for me on the river.

Rigs! Not really something I like preaching about as I think everyone is different when it comes to rigs but for me Its a big hook and Bootlace style rig just something that has never let me down on the river but as far as river fishing and rigs go I honestly don’t think its matters to much as many river carp don’t see the bank that much so are not rig shy.

The best advice I would suggest to anyone carping on the rivers is to travel light, smaller rods, net and unhooking matt. It makes a huge differences when walking the distance to find them! The 6ft rods I use are also a great advantaged when it comes to casting in them smaller swims just something I’ve noticed through the seasons that has helped me land more fish! Although targeting the carp on the river can be tricky and seem impossible in them cold months, it is not! Its all about being beside that river and Even if you don’t have time to get the rods out sometimes just walking along the river can help you when it comes to catching them the amount of times I’ve seen the carp of the river with no rod on me is untold amounts but in a way it’s all part of a puzzle to getting them on the bank and it’s just another piece. There are some seriously special carp in the rivers so why not start chasing them.

Tight lines!

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