We appreciate each and every one of you, so we give back…





Munch Baits is a family run and owned company and we think all our end users are part of that family. For that reason we are always striving to give back as much as possible! With that in mind, we have set up our unrivalled Reward Points system.

Literally every time you shop on our website, points will automatically be uploaded to your account. Every £10 spent will equal to 10 points, which in return equates to £0.50 (a whopping 5 times higher than the industry average).

Your points are available to see anytime in the ‘your account dashboard’ on this website and can be redeemed in the checkout part.

There’s no codes to enter and no products are excluded. You can either use your points every time you need a top up or grow your balance to use for a yearly social or big bait campaign. We will never set a limit or refuse the usage in anyway, they’re your points and you’ve earned them for supporting our journey.

Get bait, get points...

Stay loyal and grow your balance...

Use your points to get FREE bait...


What can I use my points for?

Like our products and ethos we set ZERO limits! You can use your earned points on any bait or merchandise on this website.

How long do I have to use them?

There’s no time limit at all, we will never delete points from accounts and will never restrict their usage.

I've placed an order but can't see my points?

Points are uploaded automatically onto your account but can sometimes take up to 24 hours to appear.

Why do you offer more points than others?

Without our loyal following we would not be able to continue to push the boundaries in bait and we always want to give back to those who have helped us.

Do I have to use my points now?

Not at all. They are yours to use as you wish. You can either use as and when or grow your balance for a yearly campaign or big planned trip.

Where can I check how many I have?

You can check your points balance in ‘your account’ page anytime. Any problems, we are always here to help.