The best thing you can do in life is give back…

Project Restock #1

Lakes and Rivers are the life blood of our sport and it is of utmost importance that they remain healthy and hold good fish stocks. Our goal was to raise as much money as possible to donate directly to venues that have been adversely affected by fish kills, predation, poaching etc. With the help of our followers we managed to raise a considerable amount and directly stock the nominated venues which we felt were most in need of the support. The first venue was Stanborough Park and Fairlands Valley run by WG Angling Club. They are both run on a day ticket basis from £5/day and are open to all. They received a good helping of Carp and Tench to help secure their future. Next was Boothsmere Pool located just outside Manchester. The lake has suffered with depleted fish stocks and spent many years struggling to gain new investment to raise the money needed to stock the lake. The venue offers FREE fishing to kids 16 or under so for us was definitely an important choice. We stocked a whooping 50 odd Carp all of good sizes, which both gave the venue an immediate kick-start and promises a bright future. Finally, was the River Stort. Most of us start our Angling journey on a River somewhere as they really are a special place that we are all so lucky to have access to, so it was great to end the project here with a mega 5000 new native fish being introduced.

Project Restock #2

Because of the difference Project Restock #1 made, we didn’t waste any time and got on with #2 the following year. This time due to their mega devotion to making an impact in peoples lives, we chose the following 2 venues… First up was iCarp… Born from a desire to help those in need with no commercial gain of their own, iCarp truly is a special organisation making a difference. Set up to help individuals suffering with PTSD or mental health issues through the benefits of angling and community building, we managed to stock some colossal new fish here going up to 20lb. Just as deserving was Ridgehill Enterprises Angling Club or more commonly known as Stampford Park Boating Lake and Chadwick Dam. A non-profit social enterprise that rescued the 2 waters in mention, to turn them into an escape for the community and in particular helping our younger generation through team building exercises and understanding the benefits of being outdoors. With an under 17s yearly membership cost of £1 with unlimited angling they really are doing it for the right reasons! Here we stocked a huge amount of fish that will go on to make many memories. Both are un-real places, really making a difference on a daily basis and both will benefit massively from the fresh stocking of fish. This in turn will secure their future to continue their amazing work through angling.

Have a project in mind? Know someone who is in desperate need of help? Contact us direct at info@munchbaits.com