Tiger Nuts in Syrup Particles

Tiger Nuts in Syrup have been slowly matured, using a unique ‘long process’ method, to release higher levels of their natural sugars. By doing this, we have managed to unlock the full potential of the Tiger Nut! The mix contains an assortment of chopped, grated and whole pieces, all processed in an immensely sweet syrup.

With a multitude of shapes and sizes, the Tiger Nuts in Syrup boast an array of uses and can be used to great effect in both stand-alone feeding and for adding to mixes.


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- Slowly matured
- Natural sugars
- Chopped, grated and whole
- Immensely sweet syrup

Select one of the larger whole pieces within the mix, drill out a small core, add a cork stick and you have quickly created the perfect matching Tiger Nut Pop-Up hookbait.