Tiger Nuts in Choc-B

Since the early 80s Choc-B has been one of anglings best kept secrets, mainly due to its incredible effectiveness.  We have now managed to secure a steady, original supply and incorporated it at optimum levels with another proven old school favourite, the Tiger Nut.

By manufacturing using unique techniques, we have been able to saturate the Tiger Nuts in the unique additive to maximise dispersion. A highly effective hookbait choice, ready to use straight from the pot!


In stock

- Proven Attractor
- Boosted to the Core
- Unique Colour
- Durable Hookbait

Using a pair of sharp scissors you can ‘grate’ these into small pieces, offering up a bigger surface area but a smaller food intake. Then place this in a small PVA stick with a whole Tiger Nut in Choc-B hookbait to fool even the wariest of fish.