Sweet Maize Particles

Sweet Maize is the combination of a simple classic, Maize, with the latest in sweet taste technology. Manufactured to perfection to maintain the typical bright colour and distinct texture of Maize yet infused to the core with an advanced sweet attractor blend. The combination not only provides an instant visual aspect but a continuous stream of sweet feed provoking signals.

Prepared using our unique manufacturing process to both infuse the soluble sweet attractor package yet remain completely PVA friendly, meaning the uses are endless, small sticks, solid bags, hookbaits or even stringers.


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- Feed and Hookbait
- Natural sugars
- PVA Friendly
- Immensely Sweet

Sweet Maize is not only effective for feed but a perfect hookbait choice. A few on a short hair presented on the deck or fished in conjunction with a whittled down Zinga Pop-Up for a snowman style presentation.