Specials Deal

Our Specials range is quickly creating a cult following and for good reason. The Pop-Ups are unmatched on attraction properties and reliability and the new Juice technology stands above any before it and now you can try all with big savings in our Specials Deal.

With this deal you will receive a bottle of Juice and 2 tubs of Specials Pop-Ups, you can choose from ANY in the range or mix and match between them.

£19.99 Sale!

Pop-Up x 1
Pop-Up x 2

- Bottle of Juice
- 2 tubs of Pop-Ups
- BIG Savings
- Mix and Match

The Juices are designed to be suitable for ANY situation so don't limit to just soaking baits. Apply before casting out, inject straight into solid bags or even apply directly to margin spots for maximum attraction.