Salmon Micro Pellets

Small in size but BIG in flavour, the Salmon Micros are the pedigree of high-oil pellets. Created with highly digestible, fish derived meals and selected proteins, these pellets are already a great feed choice. However, by further infusing them with pure Norwegian Salmon Oil at numerous stages of manufacturing, they boast an even more unique structure!

Being approximately 2mm in size, the Salmon Micros can be used as a stand-alone bait or in conjunction with other pellet types to create the perfect solid bag. Due to their slow breakdown, they can also be added to traditional spod mixes to offer another level of attraction.


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- Highly digestible
- Pure Norwegian Salmon Oil
- Slow breakdown
- Unique structure

Look for the slicks! Salmon Micros are packed with pure Norwegian Salmon oil meaning that when they are eaten or disturbed, they will release a stream of oil that will rise to the surface to create that tell-tale slick. So, with this in mind, catapulting small PVA sticks of these around your swim will soon let you know the spots.