Roasted Nut Particles

Roasted Nut starts life as a combination of mixed cereals, chopped nuts and pure roasted nut extract (which is added at multiple stages of manufacturing). The purposefully chosen blend of particles provides two key attraction properties, a subtle visual aspect to fool the wariest of fish and the perfect carrier to release the highly soluble Roasted Nut extract. This will trigger feeding responses in any situation!

Whilst conventional nut-based particle mixes contain a majority of large sizes, the Roasted Nut has been more finely processed, resulting in a mix that can be easily compressed for PVA bag/sticks and provide a large amount of food items without overfeeding.


- 100% PVA Friendly
- Pure roasted nut extract
- Subtle visual aspect
- Finely processed

Take the Roasted Nut to another level by simply introducing a dose of Milky Nut Liquid Food to the mix.