Bag Mix Kit

Not only will you save some money but you’ll have everything needed to create the perfect solid bag or stick with our bag mix kit bundle. Mix the Stickmix and Pellets equally, add a jollop of Liquid Food, give it all a good mix and you’re good to go.

You will receive a kilo bag of Stickmix, a kilo of Pellet, a bottle of Liquid Food, and a tub of Hookbaits.

You can choose from the complex Bio Marine, the foolproof Cream Seed or the highly attractive Citrus Nut range. Or alternatively mix and match between all 3.

£19.99 Sale!


- Kilo of Pellets
- Kilo of Stickmix
- Hookbait of your choice
- 250ml Liquid Food

NOT just for bags! Utilise the Liquid Food and Stickmix in this bundle by creating a quick dissolving layer to your chosen Hookbaits. Simply dunk in the Liquid and roll in the Stickmix.