Liquid Food Stock Up

Liquid Foods are unquestionably an edge in any situation. From soaking baits to adding directly to spod mixes and as ALL of ours are highly water soluble they can never be overdone with the only limit being your imagination.

With this deal you will receive 3 individual bottles and can choose from ANY of our unrivalled Liquid Foods, Soluble Hemp, Red Stench, Bloodworm Complex, Raw Krill, Milky Nut and Tri-Sweet.

£24.99 Sale!

Liquid x 1
Liquid x 2
Liquid x 3

- Mix and Match
- BIG Savings
- ALL Water Soluble
- 500ml Bottles

Liquid Foods are not only great for soaking baits but are a mega component to Solid Bags. Just before you seal the bag, add a small capful to take your bait game to the next level.