King Crab Bait Soak


King Crab Bait Soak is a concentrated blend of marine proteins, yeasts, liquid additives, and proven aquatic stimulants. This provides a flawless concoction of carriers and stimulants which trigger feeding in any situation. Due to its highly soluble and potent nature, it will transform any bait it’s added to.

Being a naturally dense and PVA friendly liquid, it boasts an endless list of applications and cannot be over-used. Either adding small doses in hookbait tubs or mixing in with spod mixes… the only limit is your imagination!


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King Crab Bait Soak is supplied in 1L resealable bottles.

This product is stabilised by using our unique ‘stay fresh’ process but please still store somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight (shed, garage, bait bag etc). Between use please keep sealed in original packaging and recycle the packaging responsibly once empty.



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