Hydro Fish Pellets

At a quick glance, you could be mistaken into thinking these are just your average Micros but in fact our Hydro Pellets have undergone a series of unique manufacturing processes to boost them to another level! They start life as a high protein, low oil pellet but any other similarities stop there. They are then enriched with a highly soluble and exclusive Hydrolyzed Fish Protein liquid that is applied using specialist vacuum technology to guarantee each pellet is enriched to the core.

Although small in size, Hydro Pellets can be very effective to fool the largest of fish. They are a perfect choice for solid bag fishing as well as incorporating into small PVA sticks for quick bites. They can also be added to spod mixes in small amounts to quickly activate a spot.


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- Highly soluble
- Hydrolyzed Fish Protein
- Vacuum technology
- Controlled breakdown

Hydro Pellets are incredibly soluble, meaning they have a naturally quick breakdown time. Therefore by combining these with the Salmon Micros, which have a slower breakdown time, you will have a mixed breakdown feed… perfect for longer sessions.