Hemp & Krill Particles

Hemp & Krill is an incredibly rich mix of premium grade Hemp Seeds and whole Krill, which is packed full of natural scents and visual elements. Containing 2 different types of real Krill; Krill Pacifica and Krill Superba, it provides both a natural visual aspect and offers an array of small food items. This not only attracts fish, but keeps them in your swim for longer.

Even though it’s been primarily designed for use with PVA bags/sticks, Hemp is without a doubt the best base for spod mixes. With the addition of the pure Krill pieces, it can be used as an addition to any mix for great effect.


In stock

- Premium grade Hemp
- 100% PVA Friendly
- Contains real Krill
- Array of small food items

When using the Hemp & Krill for Solid Bag fishing, try adding a small dose of Raw Krill liquid food to take the Krill element to the next level.