Citrus Nut Washed Out Pop-Ups

Containing a blend of pink, yellow and white, each pot offers a variety of possibilities in hookbait options. The subtle shades provide a more ‘spook proof’ display to fool wary fish, whilst still supplying reliability in buoyancy, structure and attraction.

Infused with Buchu Oil, powerful citrus fruit extracts, and specific organic acids just to name a few… the Pop-Ups are only subtle in colour, they definitely pack a punch!

£2.99 Sale!

- 3 colours in each pot
- Subtle shades
- Reliably buoyant
- Needle friendly

Why only use one? When all else fails, try trimming two or even three Pop-Ups down and using on the same rig. You could even present a multi-coloured hookbait to trigger an investigatory bite.