Citrus Nut Stickmix

The Citrus Nut Stickmix is manufactured from a carefully selected combination of citrus extracts, specific organic acids, soluble proteins and mixed meals to provide a moist and attractive packed bait tool. A strong vivid colour which will not dissolve or ‘dull’, therefore presenting the ultimate visual trigger.

Due to a unique manufacturing process, the Citrus Nut Stickmix is ready to use straight from the bag and is easily compressible to form a compact structure, yet is easily broken down once immersed!


- A strong vivid colour
- Ready to use straight from the bag
- Easily compressible
- Instant and prolonged release

Coat it up! Even though its primary purpose is for sticks/solid bags, the Citrus Nut Stickmix lends itself to provide a unique boilie coat and can even be mixed between ranges. Cream Seed Boilies in a bucket with a small dose of Bio Marine Liquid Food, then add a liberal dusting of Citrus Nut Stickmix to create an insane concoction!