Citrus Nut Pellets

Citrus Nut Pellets undergo a lengthy manufacturing process to secure a thorough infusion of the range’s complex attractor package. Buchu Oil, citrus fruit extracts, specific organic acids and a unique spice mix are incorporated into the pellets which allows both instant and prolonged release.

Incorporating the same key Citrus Nut elements, these pellets are perfect for use alongside any other Citrus Nut product in the range.

£5.99 £24.99

- Complex attractor package
- Low-range PH ingredients
- Unique spice mix
- Instant and prolonged release

Let the bait do the work! Combine a Citrus Nut Pop-Up with a small stick of these ever-faithful pellets. Then, cast to showing fish and this is a simple yet sure-fire tactic for quick results.