Citrus Nut Boosted Hookbaits

The Citrus Nut Boosted Hookbaits are the ultimate in Citrus/Fruit based hookbait options. Steeped in attraction from the unrivaled combination of citrus extracts, specific organic acids and soluble proteins to offer reliability and unparalleled appeal.

With performance in mind, they have been constructed to provide a mega tough structure to withstand any unwanted attention from nuisance fish or bird life. This means they can be left out for ANY amount of time, giving you the confidence for fishing longer sessions.


– Mega tough structure
– Soluble attractors
– unparalleled appeal
– Steeped in attraction
Not just a hookbait!! Present a highly attractive, yet low feed presentation by attaching 2-3 of the Citrus Nut Boosted Hookbaits on a PVA stringer with a matching one on the hair.