Bloodworm Complex

By utilising a complex and undisclosed technique we have managed to dissolve the ‘insides’ of the bloodworm to create this superior liquid. A combination of real bloodworm and pure hemoglobin (the protein found in red blood cells), makes a rich liquid that will naturally mimic bloodworm beds.

There is no denying the effectiveness of this liquid because it offers such a huge list of applications. However you decide to introduce it into your swim; in PVA bags, adding to spod mixes or even pouring it neat down the margins, it will instantly begin to work!


In stock

- Real bloodworm
- Instantly begins to works
- 100% PVA Friendly
- Suitable for any application

Being so ‘lightweight’ the Bloodworm Complex is a must have for spod mixes as it will linger until either it’s consumed or it reaches the lake bed. However, we recommend adding it separately just before casting, to prevent drying up or soaking into the mix.