Bio Marine Liquid Food

Bio Marine Liquid Food is a concentrated blend of marine proteins, yeasts, liquid additives and a proven aquatic stimulant. This provides a flawless concoction of carriers and stimulants, which trigger feeding in any situation. Due to its highly soluble and potent nature, it will transform any bait it’s added to.

Being a naturally dense and PVA friendly liquid, it boasts an endless list of applications that cannot be over-used. Either adding small doses in hookbait tubs or mixing in with spod mixes… the only limit is your imagination!


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- Concentrated blend
- Proven aquatic stimulant
- Highly soluble
- 100% PVA Friendly

Fishing high pressured venues? By mixing the Bio Marine Liquid Food with lake/river water you can create a less potent version that will disperse to a wider area a lot quicker.