5kg – Citrus Nut Boilies

Citrus Nut re-writes the rules on bait development by pushing the boundaries with a fusion of stimulatory compounds and nutritional ingredients. It’s created by merging a carefully selected blend of digestible, high-energy content carbohydrates and a spice mix boasting potent biological properties. These are coupled with an attractor package that will blow the realms of normality including Buchu Oil, powerful citrus fruit extracts and specific organic acids… just to name a few!

Due to the inclusion of soluble low-range PH ingredients, the Citrus Nut has the unique ability to alter the surrounding waters PH level, thus triggering strong feeding responses. This is the ultimate bait no matter the water temperature, situation or venue because it offers instant results and long-term nutrition both immediately and continuously.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

- A fusion of stimulatory compounds
- Low-range PH ingredients
- Will trigger strong feeding responses
- Instant and long-term results

Crumb it up!! Citrus Nut boasts a unique array of ingredients and makes the perfect tool for creating a high-attract crumb.