We’re not here to just take part…

July 2011 - The Birth

Munch Baits Ltd as a company was founded in the summer of 2011 although the seed was planted over a decade before this. Brought up in Hertfordshire, surrounded by waters, two brothers Nathan and Sam Precious dedicated their youth to angling. Bunking of school to catch Perch down the River Lea then naturally upping their quarry as the years went on. Even then, the bait was always as important as the angling itself, with early teens was spent hand rolling in their mothers kitchen, consisting of anything they could get their hands on in the cupboards. Fast forward ten years and the family moved to Essex, in which a ‘spare’ garage was ‘acquired’. Rolling tables ordered, some crocked shelves put up and Munch Baits was officially born… (we still cannot remember how the name was thought up from from though)

Daily Output Abilities : 25kg and sore arms

2013 - The First Gamble

Like in most companies, there always comes a time when you have to go for it. Nathans first born was due at the time so he was still working on the tools Mon-Fri, leaving evenings and weekends to develop the brand and Sam had just packed in his job as a Carpenter.  As the brand started to grow and the dreams got bigger the gamble was made to rent a small commercial unit and invest everything available at the time into new machines. A small online store was made and we sold as much as we physically could although looking back, the majority of days was spent researching and developing our still crazy product ideas.

Daily Output Abilities : 250kg (most days)

2016 - The Next Level

Another 3 years go by and we’re on the move again. This time a medium sized, empty unit on a small estate. Our passion for bait was being appreciated past our Herts and Essex routes a popularity grew. This was also the birthplace of the Cream Seed in which the hugely effective range helped push us into the next level. Our network was also starting to grow and Tackle Shops was taking us seriously. Machine wise we geared it up again into semi-automatic lines, although we was still working into early hours most nights picking misshapes or hand cooking hookbaits but times was good. 

Daily Output Abilities : 1’200kg and a LOT of late nights

2020 - Expand and Develop

Growth was CRAZY! From Canada to Kazakhstan the network was continuing to expand with bait now leaving the factory at an incredible rate. But instead of taking a back seat, we continue to invest everything back into the brand. We are now on our 4th move, this time a modern 15’000 sqf factory with all the latest mod cons . New machinery also purchased, some to secure consistency and others to push our ranges to the next level including the lates vacuum and infusion technology. Times are busy, stressful and sleepless but still loving every minute and the goals continue to grow.

Daily Output Abilities : 4’500kg and heaps of stress

2022 - Go BIG or Go Home

Now 11 years on from the garage days, the worked hours are countless and the devotion still as strong. The past few years hitting us with many hurdles, Covid, Brexit and short ingredient supplies, although we let neither one stop our goals. Global distribution now securely established and a manufacturing facility we could of never thought possible , our sole focus now is pure growth and development. Pushing the boundaries in bait technology, we continue to grow as a brand, month on month. Although the journey to get here was a real fight and we are now bigger than ever once hoped, we still believe we have only just begun…

Daily Output Abilities : 8’000kg and still aiming higher


Our mission is purely a desire to be different, after all, if we all produce the same, we will all get the same results. We build on this desire year on year by pushing the boundaries of bait development and dismissing any easy route to quick, short-lived success.


We take our job as a manufacture extremely seriously. Every product we develop and manufacturer is focused around fish health and environmental impact, we comply with EVERY feed regulation and we put in some serious graft to ensure we are always the best we can be.


We’ve really only just got started… We have 2 main goals, to be the BEST and BIGGEST independent bait supplier worldwide and allow nothing to get in our way of achieving this and secondly, to make YOUR dreams happen, by producing products to put more fish on the bank…